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One Lightroom Workshop


Join 10,000 students from around the world in this five day video course. You’ll learn: How my photograph was featured on the cover of National Geographic Traveller magazine. Why you will regret shooting in JPEG mode and how to use RAW right now. Five instant improvements you can make to your photographs using Lightroom. How to create professional landscape panoramas with any camera and much more!

Travel Photography & The Art Of Authenticity

Daniel Bilsborough, travel photographer, certified Adobe Lightroom Expert.
Founder of the djb photography school and Our Travel Photographer.

Published in National Geographic Traveller Magazine.



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Before and After. The Secrets.

You will learn exactly how to deconstruct each image below and use these same techniques on your own photographs instantly. Every single photograph I have ever showcased has been through a form of this development process. Including my photograph used on the cover of National Geographic Traveller Magazine.

Bonus Module
Professional Landscape Panoramas

Here you’ll learn exactly how to make two professional landscape panoramas using Lightroom 6. In the latest update from Lightroom we can create a panoramic RAW file from multiple photographs. You’ll learn about the “in camera” tricks and my post production secrets to creating your own beautiful professional landscape panoramas.



Three Lightroom Course Modules.

One – RAW vs JPEG.

How to enable RAW mode on your camera.
The reason you’ll regret shooting in JPEG mode.
RAW vs JPEG – Live edit in Lightroom.

Two – Introduction To Lightroom.

Removing what you DONT need.
Understanding the power of the library module.
My personal system for organising 266,000 photographs simply and efficiently.

Three – Developing your photographs.

My 5 essential Lightroom development tools.
Developing 7 of my own photographs. Scroll down to see the before and after slideshow.
Cropping, straightening, white balance, exposure.

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Digital photographs still need to be developed.

One of the biggest things I failed to understand when I was starting out with photography is that digital photographs still need to be developed. Your camera has two modes, JPEG mode and RAW mode.

When you switch it on for the first time it defaults to JPEG mode and this means that every photograph you take has already been “developed” by the camera. When you switch to RAW mode, you end up with RAW files instead of JPEG files,and RAW files are our digital negatives.

Professionals always shoot in RAW.

As photographers, we want RAW photographs so we can take full control over the development process. Instead of letting our cameras develop our photographs, we want to use the full power our computers and professional software like Adobe Lightroom.

Developing your digital photographs is a very personal and subjective process. But have you noticed these days how often you see heavily “photoshopped” photographs? Many of them look more like digital artwork rather than photographs. The point of this Lightroom course is to teach you how to develop your photographs with authenticity, and give you a simple, efficient system for organising and managing them.

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Daniel here, did you enrol ?

Daniel here, did you enrol ?

In this 5 day video workshop you'll learn: 

Why you will regret shooting in JPEG mode.

Lightroom - Five instant improvements to your photographs.

Professional landscape panoramas with any camera!

How my photograph was featured on the cover of Nat Geo Traveller magazine.

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